Wednesday, April 29, 2020

This is the embodiment of what makes us tick. Its been years in the making but rate my contractor is here to stay now. Please follow us for more important updates.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Here at Rate My Contractor we believe in accomplishing life's dreams. Making the impossible possible. If you have what it takes and believe like we do then send us a line we are looking for marketers and graphic designers currently. Be safe during these times.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Whats the status update on

Since starting Rate My Contractor we've had a goal to have the website completed by April 1st.  As you can see we've over shot that date, but its been for good reason.  After going to Home Shows across the state people like you have give us a lot of input on what they'd like to see.  We listened to what you had to say about all your great ideas.  It would of been nice to see all the features implemented for the launch, however if we did that the web site wouldn't have been up until December.  So, we choose the top ideas and added them to our site.  Although we did not add all the ideas in this first phase that is not to say that they wont be implemented later on within the next phases.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

4 Useful Things To Do When Selling You're House

So, you're thinking of selling your house?  I bet your feeling all sorts of feelings; excited, stressed out, and somewhat confused on what to do.  After interviewing homeowners in the area as well as speaking to a few Real Estate agents we came up with a checklist of things to do that are inexpensive, and most importantly be the best bang for your buck.  One thing to remember is to evaluate which options to do first because some improvements might take longer than others, and the sooner you get your house sold, the sooner you can move on.  Read these tips below to help increase your chances of selling.

1) Find a rock star agent - And, no we don't mean it literary, but an agent who is on top of things.  These days there are so many agents, some that are stellar others who have other things on your agenda then selling your house.  A good way to find a good agent is to talk to your neighbors and ask for a referral.  If that fails then try using the internet and find a comparison website that has agents with reviews.  Our avenue to try is YELP but others have had success with Zillow too.

2) Differentiate your house - Try to do something that improves your house appeal.  I wouldn't over do it with anything that's too off the wall even if you may think it'd be a good feel.  Sometimes doing little things to your home is better than doing huge changes because home buyers may see this as an exuberant change that doesn't appeal to them.

3) Clean up that mess! - We always notice that when people are about to sell their house they seem to have just thrown a for sale sign up and forget about the cleanliness.  You almost always have to clean up your house when selling if you want to make any kind of good impression.  This doesn't mean grab all the stuff in the front and throw it in the back yard.  It means to gather all the clutter you've held on to over the years and either throw it away or give it way.  When prospective home owner see clutter or trash laying around a house they seem to think that the house was in bad shape which sends bad signals.

4) Decorate that house - I know that everyone isn't the best at decorating, and we're not saying to go all Martha Stewart out.  You may have some good decorations laying around in the clutter in the back.  If there are no props in the house use a few things to spruce if up a bit.  A table, pictures, or even a bed in one of the rooms.  Again, just don't over due it.

Use these easy tips to improve the "curb appeal" of your house.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.  Have an awesome weekend!  Ta Ta!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinnest House In The World... Your Joking, Right?

We wish we were.  At first glance it looks as if a space capsule has landed smack dab in the middle of two buildings.  A polish man by the name of Jakub Szczesny wants to have the "skinny house" built between two big buildings in downtown Warsaw.  He says that the house will have more than enough space for working and while still maintain a homely environment.  Because of the limited space Szczesny says he can raise the stairs on the bottom floor to create more surface area in the living room.  The width of the residence will only be approximately 4 feet wide, at most.  The home is being built for Etgar Keret, a Polish writer.  Szczesny says that the modern home will bring creativity to ones self being.  Some of the staff at RMC think it'll bring insanity to ones mind over time.  But hey, look at the bright side, it's sure is going to bring in fame and not to mention easy on his wallet too.

Be sure to leaving a Review on Rate My Contractor about work you've just had completed on your house.  If you need an estimate(s), we can help with that too. Fill out the Request A Quote form and find you a certified contractor in your area.  

Leave a comment below to tell us what you think about the thinnest house in the world.  Here's a question, How long do you think you could live in a house like this, and how many (at the most) people could you live with?  This question is based on leaving the house on a regular basis.          

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun-ness

Good Morning To All!

This is John writing from the RMC office.  Everyone doing awesome?  The summer vacation season is more than half way over but that doesn't mean you still can't have fun.  If you've missed out on your favorite destination or forgot to book that concert of the year their are still a ton of things to do.  We've all been super busy this season and now is the time to get out and do something while it's not to late.  The best part, it doesn't have to be expensive.  Some ideas include:  
  1. Going to the beach on the weekend to catch some sun.
  2. No Beach? No worries, go to the river or the lake and chill out with some friends.
  3. Check out the local farmers market in your home town.
  4. If you city offers it, go see a concert in the park, most of the time they're free!
  5. Do a weekend of camping.  
All of the above ideas are really fun.  Bring a couple of friends of family to make it enjoyable.  

The RMC team is going to a baseball game this Thursday.  Hopefully our home team wins.  If you have any other great ideas you'd like to share be sure to post/comment on them below.  Hope everyone has a great day, and be sure to rate your contractor at

John D.  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We need your help!

    Goodmorning to you RMC fans! At a home-show in Vacaville, the RMC team was approached by a man who is currently in a difficult situation looking for help. He gave us the following letter explaining his situation:

   " To:Whom May it Concern
    Re: 250 S. Jackson St. Dixon, Ca 95620

    My name is Melba Navarro and I am from Dixon, Ca. My mothers Socorro has a home in Dixon that has been in the family for over 45 years. A few years ago I made an agreement to my mother that I would help remodel her home to update it for her and my family so I could continue taking care of her. But several problems have arrived since then. First we hired a contractor that we forward some funds before starting the construction. Once he started demolition he requested more funds. Shortly after starting we started to have problems with the city in regarding the permits to the zoning area and the plans due the home located in the old part of town. That’s just the beginning. If anything else could go wrong, it did. The contractor dies and his wife who was in charge of the business refuses to refund the funds. Then she states that she doesn’t have the funds. I have spoken to an attorney he stated that I may have just lost it all because she would just file for bankruptcy.

    I am very embarrassed and ashamed but I am asking for help. If you could help with materials or volunteer the time and/or send me in the direction where I can locate information that could help resolve my problem I would greatly appreciate it. My mother means everything to me. To this day I feel so stupid and I felt like I have failed my mother. All I would like it to complete this project before she passes on because she is getting old and she now has dementia. So once again please help me. Thank You.


Melba Navarro (707) 330-7207 "

Rate My Contractor is reaching out to construction companies, and homeowners to help aid Melba during these hard times. The situation was completely out of his hands, and it is unfortunate that events like this occur. Thankfully, there are ways we can provide support!  I have two hands, and some extra time, so I am more than willing to put in some work to get his families home back in appropriate condition! It’s a simple act of kindness that can make a huge impact on someones life! :)  If anyone is interested in donating materials, or time please contact me at or call 888-7-RATING. (888-772-8464) for more information.

Thanks! Have a fantastic weekend!!

-Carrington Bartlett

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking to remodel your home? Don’t make these mistakes!

    I have heard countless times of homeowners who rush into home remodeling projects, and become disappointed or behind schedule with the work. The reasons for disappointment vary, but can often be avoided with a little more pre-planning! So, to save you some time and maybe anguish, we offer you some tips on how to get the best results from a home remodeling contractor.

1) First, avoid the fast and cheap!

    It has been seen over and over again, where homeowners want a project done NOW and for a close to nothing price. We always see these projects not meeting homeowner expectations and that's because fast and cheap turns into cheap quality! You might have to pay a higher price for higher quality, and this might take longer than you want, but the outcome will most likely be to your expectations!

2) Pick trustworthy house guests!

The contractor you pick for your remodel will be like a house guest that will be in and out of your house for what could be months! Pick one that guarantees to cleanup thoroughly everyday. Also, a good home improvement contractor won’t wear out his welcome by staying 6 months when he promised 3. So do a little research before you hire someone to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. You can use a site like ours, and read other homeowners experiences with contractors. Contractors with the RMC Certified logo on their listing have had background checks so you can be assured they are reliable. Check it out here!!

3) Check credentials!

Not only should you pick trustworthy contractors, you should check their credentials! Did you know that certain certifications and registrations are required for contractors? If you don’t want to take the time to do the research yourself, do it the easy way and let us do the busy work for you. We check with the Contractors State License Board to make sure they have the right credentials.

4) So, how ready are you?

    Take the “Your Readiness Quiz” to help you plan and launch your home improvement project. It only takes a few minutes to answer a few questions, and it might give you insight on how ready you are to take on a remodel project!
If you think you’re ready to remodel, find the contractor that’s right for you on our site by reading other homeowner reviews that are based on price, quality, reliability, communication and professionalism. Then, you can request a free quote from the contractor and get the show on the road!

By reading over these tips you can avoid stress and spending money on a bad remodel job!

If you're a contractor, and want to claim/manage your listing on our site, we are offering a free subscriptions those whom contact us directly! Think of it as our way of saying thanks to being our fans.  Contact us for more information at or (888) 772-8464 and we will be more than happy to set you up!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

American Pride!

Hey Ya’ll! Hope every ones week has gone well so far! Everyone looking forward to the 3 day weekend!? I don’t know about you guys, but 4th of July is probably one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with my family/friends, celebrating our amazing country! The other day I was watching the world news channel about life in Iran, and it showed how hard every day life is for it’s citizens. I won’t dare get into politics, but it made me once again appreciate my life here. I am truly proud to be an American and don’t want to take it for granted! So this year, I am going with my family to Lake Isabella, CA. Not too many people know about it, they often call it “California's best kept secret!” due to the lakes seclusion in between mountains. My grandparents live there and we have been visiting since I was a just a little tot! It is definitely a small hick town, and you won’t hear anything other than country music playing! I love it! They have firework shows on the lake, and every one always has a good time! The other Rate My Contractor team members have their own 4th of July plans like going wake boarding and bbqing with their friends. What do you have planned for this 4th of July? Any traditions? Let us know! We seriously love feedback from our fans! :) Hope every one has a fun and safe 4th of July! Also, keep a lookout for our 1st newsletter that should be sent out in an email soon, and not to mention our website which is anticipated to launch tomorrow!

-Carrington Bartlett

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extreme couponing the easy way!

    Recently, a follower on twitter @Hottubs4U tweeted about the show extreme couponing and we began a conversation about how we tend to throw away coupons and forget to use them! Well, with the tech savvy world we live in today there are SO many ways to use coupons, not only paper but digital! We can now go to sites like,, and and save money on virtually everything. From discounts on guitar lessons, lunch at a burger place, or a to a trip to Cabo; it’s probably out there! Best of all, not only do you get great discounts, but you can discover new places to eat in your town and fun things to do with your family. I recently bought a Groupon for $20 unlimited hot yoga here in Sacramento and it’s been amazing. Usually, monthly yoga classes are up to $200 or even $300. It’s kinda ridiculous, so I had to snatch the deal :) If you’re the kind of person that likes to stick to traditional coupons for grocery items then go to a site like I get a e-mail daily with free stuff like samples of Snuggles Clothes softener or Jiffy's Peanut Butter. They also have tons of coupons that work for various stores, and it’s as easy as clicking on which coupons you want and printing them off! You don’t have to wait for Sunday’s paper to search and clip can do it at your convenience. And let’s face it, with all our busy lives these days convenience is almost necessary! There’s more! If you have ever gone to the store and realized you forgot your coupons at home? Well, if you have a smart phone you can simply download an ap and get them straight on your phone. This article lists 10 of the top best free iphone coupon aps- I highly suggest taking a look! All in all, saving money feels good and I am now looking for more and more ways to keep more cash in my wallet!

    -Carrington Bartlett

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are pools worth it?

Hi Ya'll, it's Carrington here. Hope every ones week has been fun filled, even if you've been sitting at a desk like me! :) The past few days I have been looking over construction forums/blogs and noticed a lot of topics this summer have been about pools. Pool up keep, pool repair, above or in ground pools but a re-accruing question has been are pools even worth it? If your looking to buy a home, should you narrow your search for houses with pools? Or, should you have one put in your backyard? Well, after reading a few articles I concluded that it all depends on how much money do you want to put in and get out.

Most people have the conception that having a pool is an investment that will add to their homes worth. This can be true, but the costs of having a pool end up being a lot more than what people expect. In a recent Wall Street Journal article (Taking a Bath on Your Pool by Brett Arends), experts estimated that pools can add $3,000-$5,000 in maintenance a year. And if something goes wrong, say the filters or pump need replaced, costs can quickly add up. For example, a pool that is five years old often needs a new filter or pump, which could cost an estimated $500, according to an MSNBC article (“Is It a Pool or Money Pit?” by Melinda Fulmer). A pool that needs to be resurfaced may cost $5,000-$10,000, depending on its size. And thinking about upgrading the tile, decking, or plaster? That could cost you up to $20,000, according to the article. And don’t forget initial installation fees too. Pool installation fees, which vary considerably, often range from about $25,000 to $50,000.

Taking into account all of the expenses, many financial advisers are telling buyers to take caution before jumping into pool ownership. In summary, adding a swimming pool should not be considered an financial investment.You CAN consider it a quality of life investment if you have the funds! The enjoyment using it on hot summer days with the family and friends sounds very appealing. You might not get money back from installing a pool, so take into consideration the costs involved in building and upkeep of pools before you decide!
Have a good weekend!
-Carrington Bartlett

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 ways to save on your next electric bill!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Hope everyone has had a good week, the weekend is in sight! Woo. I’m excited for the good weather forecast and a little outdoor action! Yesterday was the first hot day in awhile here in Sacramento, CA, considering just 2 days ago it was storming with tornado warnings. Now that the summer heat waves are rolling in, we all know that we’re going to have the urge to crank up the air conditioning and will be seeing an increase in our electricity bill. The heat is no joke, and can cause health problems for people of all ages. So here are a few tips that will lower your monthly electricity bill, so you can keep your house cool without burning a hole in your pocket! You might have heard of these tips, so use it as a reminder. Oh, and it’s good for the environment. Win win!

1) Turn off the lights when you leave a room. If it’s a simple forgetfulness factor, leave a sticky note on the switch to remind yourself!

2) Replace all standard light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They are safer for the         environment, plus they last longer (6 times longer) than the standard bulb. They are also proven to be brighter! They might be a little more expensive, but the benefit  makes up for the shortcomings!

3) Power strip all of your appliances. It is proven that just leaving appliances plugged in without the power on with burn a constant rate of 40% more electricity and you will see what I mean when you get your next power bill. I have one that I use to plug in the coffee pot, microwave, blender and toaster oven! With the power strip I have full control when all of the appliances are on and off. When your not home just flip your power strip off and wallah. If your appliances are too spread out, just unplug them right after your done using them!

4) Keep blinds closed in the day, make sure to buy some blinds that cover all of the         window. Keeping the sunlight out during the day will keep your house much, much cooler!

5)Keep your AC set to 78.0 degrees F all day long when you are home. This is the         perfect temperature to create a balance in your living space. A comfortable, yet affordable setting.     Instead of letting it get above 80 degrees then feeling the need to set it at 60 degrees to cool down, just keep it at this setting.

6)Check insulation in windows, and make sure no open extremities give hot air a way         to get inside! It keeps the bugs out as well, which can never be a bad thing. You might even be qualified to receive free weatherstripping on doors and windows based on your income; contact your provider and ask how.

7) Wash your dishes by hand! Might take a bit more effort, but the dishwasher wastes         water and electricity. Cutting back on the use of it can cut down your bill!

8)Air dry your laundry outside! Its summer, so not only will it be an excuse to enjoy         some sun, the heat will dry your clothes fast, guaranteed!

9) Limit water usage by limiting shower time, turning off water in between brushing your         teeth and washing dishes. It not only cuts back on your electricity bill, but also your bill.

These are just a few simple things I learned being a poor, yet sustainable college             student when I got my first apartment. Saving money on your electricity bill is a easy task if you know what to do and have the determination to do it! So get going and save some extra cash to go cool down at happy hour with your friends.

Cheers! Have a good weekend!

-Carrington Bartlett

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brighten up summer with porch swings!

Hello there! My name is Carrington Bartlett and I am the newbie at the Rate My Contractor office. I am enjoying my new job as the Marketing/PR Intern, as well as living in Sacramento for the summer. I am currently living with my sister in the midtown area and I absolutely love it. The people, the food, the events, parks, all of it! After work we like to take her chocolate lab Brodie on walks, and enjoy the last few hours of day before sunset.

Last weekend we were sitting on her porch steps enjoying the beautiful spring day when I looked next door and saw a women reading a book on her porch swing. It looked so relaxing and I instantly wanted one! I searched online for porch swing sets and they seemed a little pricey at $200-$700. So, I decided to check out and found a porch swing that was only $25! I was excited to pick up such a sweet deal, and headed to home depot to purchase the chains and hooks to mount it to her porch for a total of 25 dollars! We connected the swing with the chains, and used power tools to mount the hooks. It only took about 20 minutes, and WALA! Our DIY project on a budget was complete. We also added a pillow cushion so it was extra comfortable! We saved around $150-$650!! Now we can enjoy watching Brodie frolic in the front yard on our comfy porch swing. Great idea for a summer home improvement project!

If you want to build your own porch swing on a budget, here are a few things you'll need:

1. A porch swing-wood, plastic, metal, you choose! (We chose a wood swing, but you can bargain hunt for all types on sites like,, etc. or spend extra money at a store like Home Depot or Lowe's)

2. Chains and hooks-I found some on today for only $15! And they include the hooks! Awesome Deal! Here’s the link:

How to install your porch swing:

    1.Put the right swing in the right place. Measure your porch or garden spot for height to support chains and a wide berth for crash-free swinging.
    2. Locate an overhead beam (with an 8-foot clearance below it) to install the two swing hooks spaced at the width of the swing to hold chains. Drill pilot holes first to prevent wood splitting when screwing in the large hooks needed to hold your swing safely.

    3.Use four chains to hang your swing from its hooks - two chains descend from each hook, one to the front of the swing and one to the back. Seven-foot-long chains hung from a beam 8-feet above the floor will lift the swing 17 inches off the ground for easy on and off.
    4.Screw all hardware securely into the wood and use chain connectors for safety. Double-check that all hardware is installed before hanging your swing.

    5.Get a friend (or use your ironing board for support) to lift the swing and its harness up to you on a ladder near the beam. Hook the swing in place, adjust the chains evenly and give it a test swing.

 Don’t have a porch? You can also build or buy a frame with a covering that will shade you from the sun! Perfect for a backyard!

Summer is almost here! How good does enjoying a nice cold glass of ice tea on your own porch swing sound? I know right!?!

-Carrington Bartlett
Marketing/PR Intern

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

AAAHHHHH Memorial weekend, this another winter down.  This weekend marks the start to summer fun, and with the start of summer fun come summer projects too.  It felt like yesterday was winter, at least that’s what it felt like here in not-so-sunny central California.  We actually had a brief tornado warning here in Norcal believe it or not.  This led to a touchdown of an F1 tornado but had no damage to any structures, thank god!  

Things are looking positive on the RMC side too.  Some of us are going to the lake others are going up to the snow to get the most out of what’s left on the mountains.  What are you doing?  Hopefully its action packed spending it with friends and family.  We’re getting close to having our website completed, we’ll have a better idea next week.  Have a great 3 day weekend and be safe.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Whats the status update on RMC.COM

Since starting RMC we've had a goal to have the website completed by May 1st.  As you can see we've over shot that date, but its been for good reason.  After going to Home Shows across the state people like you have give us a lot of input on what they'd like to see.  We listened to what you had to say about all your great ideas.  It would of been nice to see all the features implemented for the launch, however if we did that the web site wouldn't have been up until December.  So, we choose the top ideas and added them to our site.  Although we did not add all the ideas in this first phase that is not to say that they wont be implemented later within the next phases.  We'll hopefully have the updated launch date of the website by the end of this week.  If there's any other features you'd like to see please comment on them in the comments section below.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Why can't I ever get a hold of them??? - 3 Communication tactics that work

In this day and age getting a hold of a friend, co-workers, friend can be a difficult task, and not to mention getting a hold of a contractor whom may come out to give you a estimate on a project can be an even more daunting task.  Home owners have this perception that contractors can be pushy and sometimes not even show up for scheduled appointments.  Too tell you the truth some are, however some if not more than others are pretty good people, they have good work ethics, and stand behind there work.  

This is what we constantly hear from other home owners: Home owner attempts to contact contractor.  Contractor does not answer, and the home owner  leaves a voice mail.  The home owner gets a call from contractor but can't take it because there working in which its routed to voice mail.  Home owner attempts to call again, but again the contractor doesn't answer and the whole process starts again.  And, that my friends is why trying to get a hold of a contractor can be so difficult.  Basically, contractors work throughout the day doing their projects or managing jobs.  The last thing they have want to think about is going out to give free estimates, to people who only want a price, unless they're really desperate.   

There are a few ways to overcome this communication gap.  

1) After you(home owner) gets forwarded to voicemail.  Ask the contractor to leave a message regarding the best time to reach him/her.

2) Make use out of technology.  Use email, text messages, or other messaging systems to keep each other in the loop of whats going on.

3) Ask them to confirm the appointment the day before.  Either by phone, email, or text.  This will give you an idea on how reliable they are. 

Happy Friday and Happy Mothers day 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whom to hire for what project

Everyday we talk to home owners and contractors about various things that go on within projects they have done on their house.  So, you could say we get both sides of the story.  Home owners are pretty good at choosing what contractor they need for each project.  For example, a home owner might have some leaky pipes that need to be fixed.  The obvious would be that they'd need a plumber, yes.  Now the next scenario would be that a home owner is getting new bathroom sink with granite counter-tops put in.  So, that would mean that a home owner would need a plumber, a carpenter, and a stone tiler, to do the job, right? Well, yes and no, the home owner could do all that work and running around, OR they could just hire a General Contractor to carry out the project.  The California State Licensing Board points out that a General Contractor, can carry out a project "requiring in its construction the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts; however, framing or carpentry projects may be performed without limitation."  Which means General Contractors can do basically do any wood work alone but do need to sub contract/hire other areas of expertise in which they are not licensed for.  There is one small stipulation to this.  The General Contractor can hold another license that is for the a specialty area, in other words they can have multiple licenses to show that they can do work in other specialty areas.  So, the moral of the story is to hire a General Contractor any time you are doing more than two types of work.  If you have any questions in regards to this post leave it below in the comments section.


*note* this only pertains to California Contracting law.  May be applicable in other states too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on the RMC Website

So, we've made it back from another successful home show.  We saw a lot of familiar faces and met a ton of new people who delighted to hear what we've been working on.  The best part about the Vacaville Home Show was the weather was excellent.  Sunny days all weekend long.  And, because of the weather the show had a massive turnout which resulted in another large RMC following.

As for our anticipated launch date for the new RMC website, we're still on for May 1st.  The local California based company Hathway Tech ( has been doing a stellar job on making our vision come to life.  We know you've been waiting so, just a like kids at Christmas time, RMC is just around the corner.  Any questions:


P.S. CLICK HERE to view pics of RMC's Home Show.  And be sure to "Like" to get the latest updates and be entered to win prizes

Monday, April 11, 2011

Negotiation Strategies for Home Owners

The topic of negotiation may make a lot of people cringe or feel uncomfortable.  It could almost be considered to be in the same category as confrontation, which a lot of people resent.  Negotiation is an art, and just like any other skill it can be perfected.  Contractors use negotiation everyday within there scope of daily work, which means they are pretty good at it too.  This should not be something to discourage you from trying to negotiate with contractors because you have the upper hand on the final outcome.  This is because you make the decision on who gets your cash/check for the project.

People are always willing to negotiate for something they want especially when it’s for something that is scarce.  What this means is contractors want the business of homeowners and are willing to negotiate to get the project.  This means only good things for you as a homeowner, a bit of a discount when booking the job with the contractor.  However, a small drawback to this idea would be that if a contractor is in high demand then negotiating price might be a little difficult but not impossible.

There are a few strategies one can use to help sway the outcome to benefit you, the homeowner.  First, when the contractor comes out to your house make it a point (only if he asks) that you’re going to receive other bids even if he’s the last person to come out.  This will at the very least physiologically put the contractor in the mind set of giving you a great price for the work you want completed.  Once the contractor has come up with a price you have the upper hand to asking for more value if need be. 

Here are 3 proven negotiation tactics that will get you more value out of your contractor:

                  1)      Create a win-win situation

Example: Bill the contractor gives you an estimate for a room addition.  He quotes you for $9000 dollars.  You say that the price is too high.  He says the price is set.  You come back and ask him to throw in a small fence for your yard for the $9000.  He acknowledges and agrees to the terms.    

2)      Create a win-win situation

Most of the time contractors give the homeowner a final total for all the labor and materials included.  Contractors don’t like to break the bid up into separate amounts, but if you politely ask for it to be broken down you can help justify your budget and maybe do some of the work yourself to save money.

3)      Create a win-win situation

Supplying materials can also get you money off the job.  Believe it or not contractors always say they get the best prices on things but they too mark it up to make a profit on there investment too.  If your able to get the price of materials from the contractor than you may want to consider on using your own materials if it cost lower for you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Can you lend a hand?

Last week after returning from our last home show we learned alot about what you (our readers and followers) wanted to see in our website content.  Many people want something that is easy to use, free, and rich with content. These can all be accomplished but over time will need more detailed input to make it work.  After about of week of discussing on what exactly to do we choose to do a bit more research on what makes you tick.  We've put together a brief 10 question survey directed towards each of our readers.  Below you'll find the appropriate link to which you can click. 

Home Owners:

Home Improvement Contractors:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're Back

Hi There!  We made it back from the Yuba Home and garden Show.  What a weekend it was.  Friday and Saturday were washouts with low attendance but Sunday was the best and out did both days before.  We saw some of our friends from the Sac Home Show and they were delighted to see us.  It was fun to meet new people and watch exhibitor demonstrations.       

During the course of the weekend an executive came by our booth and gave us some valuable advice on to run a successful e-business.  And, again we got a lot of advice from many contractor on what they would like to see done.  Granted many of the contractors concerns were similar to what the others were telling us at the from the Sacramento Home Show.  So, were going to make the most our of all the suggestions and do our best to integrate them into the Rate My Contractor website.  Our next Home Show is in Vaciville and is scheduled for April 15, 16, and 17th.  See you all their.  Any comments or suggestions feel free to leave them below in the comments section.  

RMC Team 

Monday, March 21, 2011

T'was a Wet One

Welcome back fellow readers and fans.  Did ya have a good weekend?  Great!  Most of the us here had a terrific weekend too.  We'll we made the most out of it after mother nature drenched us with torrential down pours through out Saturday and Sunday.  Some of us had yards that needed to be cleaned and prepped for spring seeding, other had a bit of indoor spring cleaning.  However, with all the rain we had this weekend the outdoor activities had to be postponed until next weekend.

Some of our contracting buddies had preselected estimates for this past weekend and all were blown out by the the storm.  "I had 8 estimates set up for Sat and Sunday, and then 5 of them canceled[due to rain] and the others were their but all in all it would of been nice to have a full weekend," A.J. Crawford, Straight Edge Painting.  This kind of outcome makes the contracting industry discouraging because of all time and effort put into finding and setting clients up.  But hey!  That's the name of the game. 


Friday, March 18, 2011

Asking the right questions

Choosing the perfect contractor can be a daunting task.  It could even be the make it or break it part of your home improvement project.  This can be a very stressful and over whelming for anyone finding a contractor to take on any home improvement project.  So many questions run through home owner’s minds when searching for that perfect contractor.  What if they mess up?  Can I trust them in my house?  Are they over charging me? The list goes on and on.  The best way to overcome this kind of emotional stress is to take it one day at a time and plan it out.  Here are some tips when it comes to finding a great contractor at a great price.    

                Tip #1 – Ask to have everything in writing

This helps to alleviate anything that would have a discrepancy.  Having a verbal agreement is good, however to have it written down is even better.

               Tip #2 – Check the company’s current license standing

Contractors who normally do home improvement have to have their license visible to the public.  Make a check through the states licensing board to see if its valid and up to date.  If the contractor in question is a bit iffy about showing you the proper licensing documents than buyer beware and are cautious about doing business.   
              Tip #3 – Ask to see photographs/written testimonials about past projects

During the initial phone call with the contractor ask him/her to bring photos and any reference letters to see previous evidence work well done.  Or, ask them to point you in the right direction of what the internet might already have available
   Tip #4 – Get contact info for the sales person that made all the promises

See to it that the sales person in whom you’re speaking with at the estimate is going to be out at the project to check up on the progress.  Or, you should know who exactly is going to be charge at the job site so that you have a go to person if anything comes up
   Tip #5 – Organize and Plan!

Before have a game plan or list of questions pertaining to the line of work that is going to take place.  This will help draw the foundation for which you and the contractor agree on.